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Jib cranes


Your wall jib crane

Would a jib crane with a turning movement of 180° meet your needs? The wall jib crane is your solution. We can assemble such a crane on an existing pillar in your building. This pillar must obviously have sufficient dimensions. We will detail the forces to be exerted on it. Jib cranes are mainly used to load and unload one or a number of machines.


Your column jib crane

Are you lacking a wall or pillar for the assembly of the jib crane? Or do you need a slewing range of 270° or 360°? A column jib crane is the answer. Cluma can supply the jib crane with associated column. We assemble the crane on anchors in a foundation pit, or on your concrete floor with a large base plate (the concrete floor thickness must be at least 20 cm).

You can perform all movements either manually or electrically. If galvanised your column jib crane is also suitable for outdoor use.


Wall travelling jib crane

While a slewing crane is the ideal solution for local applications, you can cover a much larger range with a wall travelling jib crane. A wall travelling jib crane is a moveable slewing crane which does not need to slew, so the working range extends to the full length of your hall. A very user-friendly way for working efficiently along one side, while the overhead crane can be used undisturbed at a higher level. If you are considering a wall travelling jib crane, take this into account early when designing your building. We'll be pleased to supply data on the applicable forces.


Your ergocrane

This most ergonomic lifting gear isintelligent, powerful, precise, safe and fast. The load follows the operator's hand movements directly by means of the ergonomic slewing arm and an ergonomic handle. The ergocrane has a lifting capacity of 300kg, a range up to 4.7m and speed of 2m/sec. More info on our page ergocrane.



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