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EN 1090 certified
VCA certified


Webbing-, round- and chain slings

Webbing-, round- and chain slings are essential for safe hoisting of your loads. These are available in any size, depending on the lifting capacity and length you need.

Lifting beams

At Cluma, we also make custom lifting beams. These sit below the hook and are used for very specific applications. Looking for a solution for your project? We'll design and calculate the lifting beam to suit your activities, and provide the technical test certificate.


A Rotomax allows large articles to be rotated safely. The Rotomax is attached to the hook of the rolling gantry. Very long articles can be rotated using 2 rotomaxes.

Remote control

You do not only work more safely with a remote control (safe distance from your load), there are numerous other benefits. For example, you have a clear view of your work piece and environment. You choose what is most effective for you: your remote control with push-buttons or joysticks.

Frequency control

A frequency control is a handy and cost-effective investment. It allows the overhead crane to accelerate and brake more smoothly. And that is a triple plus. Firstly it is safer. Secondly, the frequency control means less wear on the brakes. And thirdly you consume less energywith lower starter currents. 


platform is also an intelligent addition to your overhead crane. From the gangway or platform you can safely carry out the necessary maintenance and repair work  on your overhead crane. The choice is yours: either a gangway along the whole length of your overhead crane, or just a platform at the electrical box and/or motors or around the hoist

Cable reels

An electrical power supply is needed for certain crane accessories. Examples are vacuum systems, grippers or magnets. A cable reels is a safe and reliable solution. We assemble this drum on the hoist.


Light makes everything safer. Lighting on the underside of your overhead crane ensures greater visibility right under the crane. You then have a better workplace, because above your desk you have a light too, right?


With the master/master control you work with two overhead cranes at the same time with great safety and comfort with one control. This intelligent option communicates the necessary safety signals between the two overhead cranes.


You do not want any accidents in the air. The anti-collision device prevents two overhead cranes from being able to collide with each other at full speed.

Weight indication

What load is suspended by the overhead crane? We can install different, simple weight systems allowing you to easily read the weight on a display: on the overhead crane, on the hook, or on the operating device (whatever you wish).

Electrical rotating hook

Have your loads turn automatically with an electrical rotating hook. Much greater precision. The brake on the turning motor keeps the load perfectly in the desired position. Much safer too. There is no danger of hands being trapped.


Is your overhead crane part of an automatic process? We can offer all the necessary options to have the overhead crane work automatically as well. And with all the necessary extra safety devices of course.


Do you also want to safely handle specific loads such as plates, coils, containers, etc? This is what the grippers are for. We make them especially for your particular product. You can control them with the same device as for the overhead crane.

Vacuum systems

Flat, non-porous loads such as glass, natural stone and metal are best moved with a vacuum system. This is the ideal solution for causing  no damage to loads  during handling.