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About us

Chuck Norris

Passionate about lifting?

Picking up a load and putting it down at the right place is often a "chore".

But it's an important chore and it simply has to work. Quickly and efficiently.

And that's our passion. Helping you do your work more easily. To save you money and give you peace of mind. Cluma not only helps get your loads to the top, but also your whole business.

Lifting as you like it.

Cluma starts by asking what you need. A normal hoist or a standard rolling gantry? We'll supply with pleasure. Want more advice? Our in-house design department will develop a custom project for you.

And we take care of testing, maintenance and repairs for you.

Hoist, lift, move up. There's more passion in this than you'd think. If you collaborate with us, we'll share the passion with you. Do we have a deal?